Additional Services

  • xray1

    Digital X-Ray

    One of the most revolutionary new techniques available in Veterinary Medicine today is the use of digital Radiography. Now radiographs can be taken in 4 seconds, instead of the standard…

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    Video Otoscopy

    Chronic, persistant and complicated ear diseases are often treated with use of the Storz Video Endoscope, witch uses a very tiny high resolution video probe that allows us to see…

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    Blood Pressure Measurement

    BP measurement in animals is just important as in people and hypertension is known as “ the silent killer”. Measuring bp in animals is much more difficult then in people…

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    Dietary Management & Weight Loss

    Includes specific weight loss diets and safe, effective drugs to induce weight loss.

  • Lab

    In House Laboratory

    We utilize a full in house laboratory for evaluation of blood chemistry profiles, CBCs, Parasite screening, Urinalysis, cytology and electrolytes. We can obtain results of most tests in about 15…

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    Pain Management and Control

    We know the issue of pain management is of great concern to pet owners today. As in human medicine, we have a variety of medications available to manage your pet’s…

  • MicrochippingNew

    Microchip Pet Identification

    Imagine if your dog or cat got lost. You’d want to give him or her the best chance of getting home. With microchipping, you can. Microchipping is a safe, permanent…

  • Boarding1


    Ease your concerns about leaving your pet behind while you’re away: Let our qualified staff take care of him or her. We will provide your dog or cat with a…